FICM Curriculum Map

1.4 Triages and prioritises patients appropriately, including timely admission to ICU
1.6 Assesses and provides initial management of the patient with burns
1.7 Describes the management of mass casualties

Domain 5: Practical Procedures

5.1 Administers oxygen using a variety of administration devices
5.2 Performs emergency airway management
5.3 Performs difficult and failed airway management according to local protocols
5.4 Performs endotracheal suction
5.5 Performs fibreoptic bronchoscopy and BAL in the intubated patient
5.6 Performs percutaneous tracheostomy
5.7 Performs chest drain insertion
5.8 Performs arterial catheterisation
5.9 Describes ultrasound techniques for vascular localisation
5.10 Performs central venous catheterisation
5.11 Performs defibrillation and cardioversion
5.12 Performs transthoracic cardiac pacing, describes transvenous
5.13 Describes how to perform pericardiocentesis
5.15 Performs lumbar puncture (intradural / ‘spinal’) under supervision
5.16 Manages the administration of analgesia via an epidural catheter
5.17 Performs abdominal paracentesis
5.18 Describes Sengstaken tube (or equivalent) placement

6.3 Manages the care of the patient following craniotomy under supervision
6.4 Manages the care of the patient following solid organ transplant under supervision

8.3 Manages palliative care of the critically ill patient
8.4 Performs brain-stem death testing
8.5 Manages the physiological support of the organ donor

Domain 9: Paediatric care
9.1 Describes the recognition of the acutely ill child and initial management of
paediatric emergencies
9.2 Describes the national legislation and guidelines relating to child protection and their relevance to critical care

11.1 Leads a daily multidisciplinary ward round
11.2 Complies with local infection control measures
11.3 Identifies environmental hazards and promotes safety for patients and staff
11.4 Identifies and minimises risk of critical incidents and adverse events, including complications of critical illness
11.5 Organises a case conference
11.6 Critically appraises and applies guidelines, protocols and care bundles
11.8 Demonstrates an understanding of the managerial and administrative responsibilities of the ICM specialist

12.14 Participates in multidisciplinary teaching
12.15 Participates in research or audit under supervision